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Build your custom KYC journey by picking and choosing from multiple options.

Fast, Fast & Fast

With quick response times, complete you KYC process in seconds.

Secure & Reliable

Gather authenticate data from government data sources in real time.

Robust Documentation

Extensive API documentation, client SDKs, & Postman collections make Sandbox APIs quick and easy to integrate.

Automate KYC

Aadhaar Verification API

Onboard users easily onto your platform with Aadhaaar verification APIs. Verify user’s authenticity and obtain Aadhaar XML to check and verify Name, Address, mobile, date of birth, etc.

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  • Access information in seconds

  • Great for Micro-Lending, Neo Banks, Insurance etc

  • Minimize friction & cut-out physical documentation

Anti Fraud

Bank Account Verification

Sandbox provides Bank APIs to verify Account owner’s authenticity and to verify Bank’s branch details.

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Verify IFSC

Verify Bank’s branch details using IFSC

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Verify Bank Account

Instant bank account verification in real time through penny drop mechanism. Verify accounts before sending money and minimize reversals and failed transfers.

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Onboard Businesses

GSTIN Verification

Verify businesses using GSTIN in real time

Search GSTIN

Obtain accurate business details as per GST Network for a given GST Number in real time

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gstin search by name

Verify GST with OTP

Check and verify authenticity of a business owner using OTP mechanism to eliminate fraudsters.

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Verify gst by OTP

Easy Integration


Provide a smooth onboarding experience to your customers by Verifying PANs in real time.

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This API lets you verify PAN in Real-time with basic information such as full name, category and status.

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Advance PAN API

This API lets you get PAN details with details like first name, middle name, last name, category, status and last updated date, in Real-time.

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Get started right

Onboard Companies with ease

MCA facilitates all information related to companies/LLPs which can be easily accessed by companies, LLPs, regulatory authorities, directors, partners, professionals, and the public. These APIs make it extremely easy to fetch company and director details.

Fetch Director Details

Use DIN to check the list of companies associated with the Director

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Fetch Company Details

Obtain Master data details associated with the company using its CIN

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