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Simplify Taxes

Business API

Reimagine Income Tax filing journeys for Salaried Individuals, Traders, Properitors, NRIs. Enabling data-driven personal financial planning for Banks, HRMS, Investment Platforms

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Classify & read incomes, deducations, tax credits from your Form 16 PDF into structured JSON data and easily enable Income verification, IT filings and automate Lending decisions.

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Income Tax API - Form 16

Stay Tax compliant

Compliance API

APIs to File & Fetch multiple ITRs, Form 26AS, & ITR-V directly from ITD

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Tax Verification

Fetch Income Tax Returns filed by individuals & companies and verify their tax compliance status

Analyze Tax Credits

Pull Form 26AS of a user for a given financial period to check their Tax Credits in real time

Income Verification

Fetch ITR-V of a user in real time to check and verify their incomes

Tax Filing

E-File Income Tax Return directly to ITD for your customers

Fetch Tax Returns

Download ITR for any assessment year of Individuals and companies to automate data driven risk and digital loan application journeys.

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  • Get Tax Returns in JSON, PDF, or XML formats.

  • Make Better Financial Decisions

  • Automate data driven risks

  • Digitize Loan application journeys

Fetch Form26AS

Form 26AS is a consolidated Tax Credit Statement which provides the details of TCS, TDS, Advance Tax & Self Assesment Tax

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  • Download form 26AS & instantly verify employement

  • Assess Tax Credits in real time

  • Low cost & Turn Around Time

  • Minimize friction & cut-out physical documentation


Access user’s ITR-V commonly known as ITR Acknowledgement to quickly check and verify their income

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  • Get ITR-V in JSON, or PDF formats

  • Instantly verify Taxpayer’s Income

  • Digitize and Automate journeys

Income Tax Return - ITR-V


Use E-File APIs to submit prepared Income Tax Return XMLs and complete ITR filing on behalf of your customers

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  • Submit Multiple ITR XMLs at once

  • Instantly E-file ITRs

  • Check status of filed ITR

1 <Form_ITR3>
2   <FormName>ITR-3</FormName>
3   <Description>For indls having income from business</Description>
4   <AssessmentYear>2020</AssessmentYear>
5 </Form_ITR3>
6 <PersonalInfo>
7   <AssesseeName>
8     <FirstName>Bruce</FirstName>
9     <SurNameOrOrgName>Wayne</SurNameOrOrgName>
10  </AssesseeName>
11  <PAN>KAQPW1234A</PAN>
12  <Address>
13    <ResidenceNo>A/201 Retreat Tower</ResidenceNo>
14    <LocalityOrArea>Shyamal Cross Road</LocalityOrArea>
15    <CityOrTownOrDistrict>Mumbai</CityOrTownOrDistrict>
16    <StateCode>11</StateCode>

New vs Old Regime

Tax Calculator APIs

Simple tax calculator APIs to calculate your taxable incomes as per new & old tax regime, advance tax & tax savings after deduction

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Simplify Tax Compliances
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