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Simplify Taxes

Business API

Reimagine Income Tax Reporting journeys for Salaried Individuals, Traders, Properitors, NRIs. Enabling data-driven personal financial planning for Banks, HRMS, Investment Platforms

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Classify & read incomes, deducations, tax credits from your Form 16 PDF into structured JSON data and easily enable Income verification, ITR preparation and automate Lending decisions.

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Income Tax API - Form 16

Tax P&L APIs

Simple RESTful API to calculate Tax P&L for domestic and
foreign equity, mutual fund investments, derivatives,
intraday trading, etc.

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  • Give accurate Tax P&L reports to your customers

  • Calculate Tax P&L using Tradebook, Tradewise and
    Scriptwise P&L

  • Calculate STCG, LTCG and Business & Profession Income

  • Calculate and visualise pre-tax and post-tax capital gains

  • Tax treatment for corporate actions like
    buyback and dividend

New vs Old Regime

Tax Calculator APIs

Simple tax calculator APIs to calculate your taxable incomes as per new & old tax regime, advance tax & tax savings after deduction

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Simplify Taxes
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