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Business API

APIs to help you Maintain and Manage your data. Build seamless invoicing journeys for E-Commerce, Payment Gateways & Accounting platforms.

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Manage multiple businesses of your customers and easily handle their items, contacts, invoices, and maintain data in a GST compliant format for hassle-free GST return filing

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GST API - Manage your businesses

Granular control

Building Blocks for GST Compliance

Sandbox’s GST Business API are easy to integrate with existing websites, mobile apps, ERP and Accounting systems. Developers can use our APIs to get started quickly and maintain GST Compliant data to effectively prepare GST Returns

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  • GSTR 1 API


  • GSTR 4 API


As an API user, easily manage one or more businesses. Each business is a unique entity under which you can store and manage its data and file GSTR

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  • User

  • Business

        "supporting_documents": [
                "signed_url": "...",
                "document_name": "logo.jpg",
                "id": "C21D133066DC3B482486EEC4BB85411A",
                "type": "Logo",
                "url": "",
                "@entity": "document"
        "contact": {
            "mobile": "1234567890",
            "id": "8B0724EDAE2543A8E0530100007FF230",
            "email": "",
            "@entity": "contact"
        "name": "Jane Doe",
        "registered": false,
        "billing_address": {
            "country": "India",
            "id": "8B0724EDAE2343A8E0530100007FF230",
            "full_address": "1, ABC Lakeview Tower, Ahmedabad, India",
            "type": "Billing",
            "@entity": "address"
        "id": "A193D94971D2B397B84288E5414D28E2",
        "bank_accounts": [
                "account_number": "1234567890123",
                "bank_name": "Children Bank",
                "id": "8B0724EDAE2743A8E0530100007FF230",
                "type": "Current",
                "ifsc": "CKBI0000172",
                "@entity": "bank_account"
        "display_name": "Jane Doe",
        "@entity": "business"
GST API - Compliance

Stay GST Compliant

Compliance API

Enable digital KYC to verify Dealers & Businesses, Track GST Returns, Set-up E-Invocing & File Multiple GSTR for E-Commerce, Payment Gateways, Lending platforms & more.

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Public API

GST portal has made public API accessible by removing taxpayer authentication for data accessible in public domain

Search GSTIN

Search and Verify GSTIN in real-time. Ensure accurate Business details associated with the GSTIN making Business onboarding a breeze

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gstin search by name

Track GST Return

Track GST Return API lets you view E-filled returns. This helps buyers to check the tax payment status of their suppliers and make claiming the input tax credit (ITC) easier

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how to file gst return

API Driven

GST Registration

Extend new GST registration process for your customers on your platform digitally using APIs

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Use Company Identification Number (CIN) to prefill Business Details from MCA master data to ensure utmost accuracy

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  • Prefill Business Details

  • Prefill Place of Business

Taxpayer API

Taxpayer APIs helps with accessing Taxpayers data on the GST Portal. Once Authenticated the taxpayer can get cash and ITC balance ledgers, download GSTRs and to file GST returns

Taxpayer Authentication

Access taxpayer data by authenticating the taxpayer using OTP verification

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Fetch different ledger details using APIs in real-time

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Upload or Download Multiple GST Returns

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Measure your data

Analytics API

Gain financial insights of any business by pulling its GST Returns in real time and analyzing its sales and purchase history for faster credit underwriting

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Payment Analytics API

Purchase Analytics API

Sales Analytics API

GST API - Analytics

Case Study

Udaan uses Sandbox to power User Onboarding


Instead of onboarding buyers and sellers via an offline verification, Udaan digitised their onboarding with Sandbox to create frictionless journeys for their users.


As a B2B E-commerce platform, using Sandbox’s GSTIN verification to onboard businesses cut down their verification time to a few seconds. nec.

Udaan - B2B Unicorn

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