Tax Computation

Calculate & Pay Tax for Salary as well as Non-salary payments

Instant Challan

Get Tax Payment confirmation instantly through challans with BSR code and serial number

UPI Payment

Supports multiple payment methods like UPI, NEFT, IMPS and RTGS

Plug & Play SDK

Instantly integrate tax payment into your website/app using SDK

Tax Payment Simplified

Virtual Account APIs

Get an unique Virtual Account built specifically for your business to ensure secure, fast, and online payments

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Use virtual accounts for easy pay-in and pay-out’s using UPI, Bank Transfer or QR Code.

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  • Create a virtual account

  • Manage the virtual account lifecyle

  • Deactivate virtual account

Virtual Account using Tax Payment API | Sandbox

Tax Payment APIs

Pay direct and indirect tax directly usings APIs without having to navigate out of your current application or website

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  • Pay Tax

  • Track Tax Payment

  • Download Challans

    Direct Tax Payment

  • TDS

    Tax Deducted at Source is the amount of tax that is deducted by the employer or deductor from the taxpayer and deposited to the ITD on behalf of taxpayer.
  • STT

    Securities Transaction Tax is payable on the value of securities transacted through a recognized stock exchange.
  • Advance Tax

    Advance Tax is a pay-as-you-earn tax, paid by taxpayers in quarterly installments during the financial year.
  • Self-Assessment Tax

    Self Assessment Tax is the income tax balance that needs to be paid by an assessee on their assessed income, after accounting for the TDS and Advance Tax in the assessment year.
Self-Assessment Tax Paying using Tax Payment API | Sandbox

Sandbox for your Business

Revolutionalizing Tax Payment For India

India’s tax collection grew to USD 360 billion in FY

Tax payment in India is riddled with complex tax
law, unintuitive tax payment websites by tax
authorities, limited payment methods & lengthy
backlog of taxpayer grievences.

Sandbox makes it easy to build direct & indirect tax
payment journies directly from your app or website.
Our customers use it to build intuitive user
experiences, support various payment methods &
automatically reconcile tax credits, hence
simplyfying tax payment for their customers.

The number of taxpayers in our country, is about 82.7 million people which is 6.25% of the total.

Net Direct Tax collections for the F.Y. 2021-22 are at INR 13,63,038 crores, showing a growth of over 48.4%.

Advance Tax collections for the F.Y. 2021-22 are at INR 6,62,896.3 crore i.e. a growth of about 40.75%.

About INR 8000 crores of unclaimed GST Input Tax credits anually for Indian Enterprises.

The Indirect Tax collection in F.Y. 2020-21 grew 12.3% annually to INR 10.71 lakh crore.

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Simplify Taxes using Tax Payment API | Sandbox

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